Cubase 7 DAW / Avalon 737sp / Joe Meek VC -1 / AKG, Rhode, Sennheiser Mics / Waves plug - Ins


  • Gone But Not Forgotten3:03
  • Stayin' At A Friends'3:06
  • Til That Shot Of Whiskey2:41
  • Mama's Side Of The Veil3:54
  • Say Yes3:11
  • Devil Ain't Got A Prayer2:40
  • Dance Like David2:41




  • New and Tradional Country
  • ​Pop
  • Contemporary Christian
  • ​Bluegrass
  • Jingles

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  • Bill Whyte
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  • Dale Allen
  • Kimball Davis
  • Bo Attway
  • Mike Vance
  • Matt Willis
  • Bob Berg
  • Steve Dean
  • Lee Greenwood
  • Dave McAfee
  • Dustin Herring
  • TSAI
  • NSAI
  • ​many more!